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  99710: 10 AMP HOUR - 12 VOLT BATTERY  
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  • Specifications
  • Performance
• Sealed AGM (absorbent glass mat) lead acid design
- Spill proof design
- Longer run times
- Longer service life
- Up to 5 times faster charge compared to flooded battery
• No maintenance required
• Recommend for use with backup sump pump systems
• Will pump approximately 7400 gallons of water per charge*
• Battery dimensions: 12”L x 6-2/3”W x 8-1/3”H
*Tested using a Superior Pump battery backup sump pump
Battery Specifications
  Voltage 12  
  Capacity 100AH  
  Chemistry SLA (Sealed lead acid)  
Type AGM (Absorbent glass mat)
  Terminal Type Nut and Bolt  
  Weight 60 LBS  
Performance at 10ft head* - All batteries sold separately
*Tested using a Superior Pump battery backup sump pump
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